A Prison in Summerland, BC? No: Oliver.

Correctional facility approved for Oliver, BC

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The Senate is our only hope…

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Only one group in the entire world can stop Harper and Bill C-10.


Put the money back into schools, hospitals, caring for seniors and for the environment. Tell them you want the ‘Tough on Crime’ bill stopped now.

Contact the Senate.

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February 26, 2012 at 2:37 pm

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Chief Clarence Louie on the P3 prison deal

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Chief Clarence Louie's Osoyoos Indian band land correctional facility


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“Yes” to our backyard, Kathy Corrigan?

Kathy Corrigan NDP MLA for Burnaby, and her husband Derek Corrigan, Mayor of Burnaby, successfully fought against a provincial remand centre in Burnaby. Derek Corrigan, was a former corrections officer, parole officer and criminal lawyer. (Blog post March 4 full article).

A question for Kathy Corrigan

If it’s not ok to have the remand centre in your backyard, Kathy, why have you been pushing for it to be in ours?

According to a Metro News article:

Kathy Corrigan, the NDP’s critic for public safety and the solicitor general, said the announcement is a “long time coming” and “overdue.”

“I’m glad to see that there apparently is going to be an announcement,” she said.

Corrigan said the province’s prisons are playing a game of catch-up and in some cases hold up to two times their capacity.

“That’s not acceptable because what that has meant is that we have in overcrowded prisons … a lot of volatility.” she said. “We’ve had attacks on guards.”

Corrigan said she predicts the issue will get even worse when the federal Conservatives pass their new crime bill.

And if there’s any doubt about the security level…

Derek Corrigan quoted: “a remand centre is always maximum security because people who are awaiting trial for murder, robbery, sexual assault and other serious offences can be held in remand, along with people who have failed to appear for court, failed to make bail or are awaiting transfer to other jurisdictions.”

He also said “this makes remand a more difficult facility to run because people have such varied offences and there is a constant movement of prisoners.”

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February 6, 2012 at 7:13 am

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Janice Perrino announces prison decision

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Mayor Janice Perrino upstages Premier Christy Clark, Shirley Bond and Chief Clarence Louie

This morning Summerland Mayor Janice Perrino upstaged Premier Christy Clark, Solicitor General Shirley Bond and Chief Clarence Louie by announcing the prison decision. (Odd that Deputy Minister Brent Merchant who informed Perrino yesterday of the decision, didn’t mention it was on the QT.)

Full interview

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February 6, 2012 at 7:00 am

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Minimum vs Maximum Security for Oliver

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Still Getting it Wrong

In the previous post re Oliver, it is reported from KISS FM that the security level of the new prison, is “minimum security”. This is a factual error. It never has been “minimum security”.

Clarifying the security level

I clarified the security level back in April of last year by phoning Tedd Howard the Deputy Provincial Director, Capital Projects, BC Corrections. This came about due to the errors in various news agencies concerning the security level of the proposed prison and I wanted to hear it from the Ministry themselves. (See post on security level conversation with Howard).

Apparently some people, and hopefully Chief Clarence Louie isn’t one of them, still think this is a minimum security prison.

Chief Clarence Louie on the prison

Back in April, Chief Clarence Louie did think it was minimum security. Below are transcribed notes from Louie’s answer to a question about the prison, at the Outlook Conference where Louie was a guest speaker.

Q. What are your thoughts on the prison?

A. I showed them the site within the infrastructure. There are always some who will vote no on every issue. There’s not a single family who always get along. We have a good site, it’s jobs, revenue and spin-off benefits. Three hundred potential new families. Jobs and revenue; I’m always for it.

I toured the prisons. 70% are aboriginal. You can’t say “not in my backyard”.

Most inmates ended up in jail due to no job. Other than maximum security… that’s a whole other story. 

Committee already crunched the numbers. They’ve already shortlisted it.

Shown on paper to be a huge project. It’s good if in the Okanagan.

Chief Clarence Louie of the OIB, was on the panel of Stockwell Day’s review of Correctional Services Canada that published a report titled ‘A Roadmap to Strengthening Public Safety’. Louie was one of four panel members with expertise in public policy and public safety. The review board was headed by Rob Sampson, a politician and privatization proponent.


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New Prison Expected For Oliver

From 107.5 KISSFM Sunday, 05 February 2012 13:15…

It appears a new prison in the BC Interior will be located in the South Okanagan, and on First Nations land.

The BC government has announced Premier Christy Clark will be in the South Okanagan on Monday morning. Premier Christy Clark will be joined by Minister of Public Safety, Solicitor General and Attorney General Shirley Bond and Chief Clarence Louie of the Osoyoos Indian Band to make an announcement benefiting public safety and job creation for families in the Okanagan. That is expected to announce the site of a new 360 cell, minimum security prison which Lumby, Summerland and the Penticton First Nations also submitted proposal for. The announcement will be made at Senkulmen Enterprise Park on Hwy 97 in Oliver.

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February 5, 2012 at 9:06 pm

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