A Prison in Summerland, BC? No: Oliver.

Correctional facility approved for Oliver, BC

Kamloops facility manager says prison is an ‘energy pig’

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“The correctional centre is a heavy user of electricity, gas and water.”

April 2013 – We had originally posted this in August of 2011. Brookfield, who are now a contender (oh let’s not pretend…. they will be the winning bidder re the prison in Oliver… for building it on a P3 basis), had comments on their website asserting that the correctional centre in Kamloops was an “energy pig”. Now that we know that the town where the prison will be built is Oliver, should that not cause some concern in regards to the already existing water shortages? A prison in a desert? (Apparently the comments by Bruce Cline are no longer on the BLJC website.)

Original post:

Brookfield Lepage Johnson Controls (BLJC) is the company in charge of maintaining the Kamloops Correctional facility. Bruce Cline works for BLJC and is the Maintenance Team Leader and acting Facility Manager for the Kamloops Correctional Centre.

"Kamloops prison is what we refer to as an energy pig"

On the BLJC website, under the category of ‘Facilities Management’ are some of Cline’s observations about running the Kamloops prison:

The correctional centre is a heavy user of electricity, gas and water.

“It’s 24/7, so the building itself is what we refer to as an energy pig,” says Cline.

The facility has double-bunked each of their living cells except for the segregation cells to meet demand, says Cline.

“The load on the building has gone up substantially,” he adds

Cline says that jails are unique in that they’re large, they’re crowded and they demand energy at all hours of the day and week. Few buildings in his portfolio match those needs.

“It’s different where you’ve got a facility where you’ve got people living 24/7, the fuel consumption and wear and tear on the building is probably triple what it should be on a standard commercial office building,” he says.

Water Issues

In light of Cline’s comments about the energy use of a prison, it makes more sense to build the Okanagan facility in a city the size of Kelowna where the impacts are less dramatic than they would be in a town the size of Summerland Oliver?

We They already have a taxed water system that on many levels is dysfunctional. Why would we they want to make that worse?


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April 3, 2013 at 8:00 am

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