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Correctional facility approved for Oliver, BC

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Number of inmates in Oliver… 360 or 800?

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inmatesWe now know the real answer to the question in the official BC government information package that was used to “sell” the idea of the correctional facility to the good people of the Okanagan. (Above was one of the main questions from the public).

Not even one year after opening the prison, there are now nearly 800 inmates.  This fact comes from a source who works at the prison.

Weasel Words

A few years ago this was one of the big concerns as to why they were using “weasel words” when asked questions like this by the public. From our blog post of July 2011 was the following:

“One of the misconceptions about the prison from the beginning, was regarding the number of potential inmates. This was due to the limited information from both the council and the Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General’s office. For example: a question and answer from the official Ministry proposal: Q. How many inmates will be in the prison? A. There will be 360 cells in 10 units. That’s like asking someone “How many people are in the restaurant” and their answer is “there are 54 tables”. Was this ambiguity intentional that led to a majority of people believing there would be 360 inmates? At the meeting we got the real answer; 720. But that’s 720 on day one when the prison opens its doors.”

If you are asked to host a prison in your community – a word of advise; beware the white men who speak with forked tongues.

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December 8, 2017 at 7:34 am

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