A Prison in Summerland, BC? No: Oliver.

Correctional facility approved for Oliver, BC

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The Facts

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Fact: Summerland will have the largest prison in BC – in the smallest of BC’s prison towns.

Fact: Port Coquitlam, the smallest town on the following list of BC Correctional Centres, has a population of 58,000. Summerland has a population of 11,443.

Fact: The highest number of inmates in a BC prison is 500.

Fact: “The new prison will have 720 inmates” direct quote from Brent Merchant – Assistant Deputy Minister BC Corrections, Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General, Corrections Branch at the Summerland meeting.

List of ALL BC provincial prisons:

There are four regional correctional centres for male sentenced offenders:
Vancouver Island Regional Correctional Centre in Saanich: Population: 108,265 Inmates: 370
Kamloops Regional Correctional Centre; Population: 87,000 Inmates: 300
Prince George Regional Correctional Centre; Population: 83,000 Inmates: 240
Fraser Regional Correctional Centre in Maple Ridge Population: 75,000 Inmates: 500

Two centres are specifically for remanded individuals:
North Fraser Pretrial Centre in Port Coquitlam: Population: 58,000 Inmates: 600
Surrey Pretrial Services Centre: Population 461,000 Inmates: 600

Fact: In reference to BC prisons: “Inmate population is just under 200 percent over-capacity.”said Dean Purdy – chairman of the Corrections and Sheriffs Services Branch of the BCGEU. Reference With Harpers Bill C-25 ‘Tough on Crime’ legislation and the revoking of the 2- for-1 time credit there will be even more overcrowding. See graph in post showing stats from a Federal Government peer reviewed report showing overcrowding statistics. Brent Merchant was one of the reviewers on that panel.

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March 13, 2011 at 9:49 pm