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What is the security level for the new prison?

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Question: The security level of proposed new Okanagan facility is:

Proposed Summerland Prison security level

If you answered C you would be correct. Unfortunately not a lot of locals, including reporters with the Penticton Herald would answer: c. Maximum security. In today’s paper (March 15, 2011) in an article on page A4: Headline: “Osoyoos band eyes jail”. Sub headline: Site on reserve north of Oliver suggested for MEDIUM SECURITY facility…” More from the article :”Plans call for a 360 cell MEDIUM SECURITY prison …”

This is irresponsible journalism and people could well use this erroneous information to decide whether to vote yes or no.

I received verification regarding the fact that this is MAXIMUM security directly from Tedd Howard (Deputy Provincial Director, Capital Projects, BC Corrections) after calling him this morning on his cellphone. Tedd was one of the Ministry representatives at the meeting in Summerland March 7. The conversation went as follows:

Q. “Tedd, would you mind clarifying for me what the level of security is for the proposed new prison? It seems that even after the informative Town Meeting session, some people are still not clear and we need to get this straight.”

A. “It is built to maximum security and will house open, medium and maximum offenders.”

Q. “So Tedd, just to clarify then, does this mean that the facility will be a MAXIMUM security prison?”

A. “That’s correct. I’m not sure which side you are coming from on this issue.  I’m not trying to hide behind any weasel words. But we intend to build it as a MAXIMUM security facility.”

Q. “So Tedd, just to make certain so that there’s no mistake; it is in fact classed as a MAXIMUM security prison, correct?”

A. “That’s correct.”

“Thanks Tedd, I appreciate you clearing this up.”

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March 20, 2011 at 3:59 pm