A Prison in Summerland, BC? No: Oliver.

Correctional facility approved for Oliver, BC

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Are your property values at stake?

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Proposed prison site adjacent to Hunter's Hill Summerland

“The prison would create jobs and economic benefits. It would bring families to the community, they would be buying homes, kids enrolled in the school – it all benefits the economy.” says Arlene Fenrich, spokesperson for the group ‘Summerland Business Wants In’.

However, for the developer of Hunter’s Hill, also a member of ‘Summerland Business Wants In’, the LULU aspect (Locally Unwanted Land Use), may result in the cons being greater than the pros when it literally ends up in one’s own backyard. The following statement was posted March 10 on the developer’s blog :

The District of Summerland has formally announced support for 5 prison sites.

“One of the sites borders the development lands of Hunter’s Hills Holdings, our  family owned corporation. Our lands consist of 3 titles totalling approximately 165 acres, zoned for development.  The holding is considered to be prime Okanagan development property. The property sits at the north gateway to Summerland, on Garnett Valley Road, Bentley Road, Sanborn St and neighbours the Crown Land. At this time, Hunter’s Hills Holdings is discerning the important announcement made this week at an information meeting held in Summerland hosted by Mayor and Council. We are doing our best to understand the process as to how these sites came to be supported by the District. We are currently obtaining information so that we can understand the potential impact on our lands, positive and negative.”

If it turns out that the location chosen is the property bordering Hunter’s Hill Holdings, is the developer suggesting (in above statement), that this decision may impact his property value? If so how can this possibly benefit our community if no matter where the prison is placed its surrounding property values will diminish? Or, is this considered as taking one for the team, if your property happens to border on the prison site?

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March 21, 2011 at 9:40 am

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